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Thread: New Article - Upper Body Warm-Up - 10 Minutes to Better Performance!

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    New Article - Upper Body Warm-Up - 10 Minutes to Better Performance!

    Upper Body Warm-Up - 10 Minutes to Better Performance! - written by Nick Tumminello.

    An effective dynamic warm-up will help you push more weight and get bigger, stronger, and more explosive in both training and competition. Not to mention, greatly reduce the chance of picking up an injury.

    This warm-up takes no more than ten minutes.

    If you are serious about improving your performance and breaking new PR’s, you'll do well to listen to Nick Tumminello as he gives a upper body warm-up 101.

    Enjoy and if you have any questions, Nick will be on hand to answer!

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    great information; i can't tell you how much better i feel about lifting after a shot 15 minute warmup. the article has some great examples of different exercises/movements for this exact purpose.

    I never thought about activating the CNS as part of warm up, I'll have to try and incorporate this on friday.
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    Good article. I especially enjoyed the SMR clip

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    those t-pushups are even better if you kick out the bottom leg as you turn... Call them breakdance pushups!

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    Nick's articles are always good. This one is no exception.

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    Very good article and well timed. I have been looking for a better warm up and this fills the bill. Thanks.

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    Great stuff. I was excited to see that I do a number of the things listed for my bench warm up. I have to remember to do it for my bench assistance and leg days.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this article and used the warm-up.

    This article ended with:

    Stay Tuned

    In my next article, I’ll discuss lower body warm-up and preparation concepts. As this article has done, the lower body warm-up article will provide you with the tools needed to get the most out of each lower body workout and develop strength and muscle faster than ever before.
    Is there an ETA on the lower body warm-up article?

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