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Thread: Reverse Grip Bench Press

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    Reverse Grip Bench Press

    Has anyone had success increasing the raw or shirted bench press with the reverse grip bench press? I know that it works the triceps harder than in the normal grip press so it would make sense if it did, but rarely do I see/hear of anyone doing them as max effort.
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    I did try them they were ok but there are too many better options IMO.
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    Anthony Clark had a lot of success with reverse grip benches and set some world records, but it just seems like there's too much that could go wrong, if you know what I mean.

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    I've done them as a assistance exercise but never a ME exercise...

    A lot of people do them due to pec/ shoulder injuries (i.e. Clark) However, I wouldnt do them as a ME due to the inherit nature of the hand position. You only have your thumbs between the bar and your face bro... Esp. w/ a shirt it changes everything such as the natural groove of the shirt.

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