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Thread: The Final Cut - The Gasman's Journey to the single digits.

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    The Final Cut - The Gasman's Journey to the single digits.

    The Final Cut
    The Gasman's Journey to single digit bodyfat..

    Once an endo always an endo? Well not quite. My phenotype is 1.65 endo/meso so I've still got a fighting chance.

    Anyway, down to business.
    Lifting/Bodybuilding - Just under 4 years.
    Martial Arts - 10 years +
    Distance running - 1 year.

    Height - 6"0
    Weight - 183lbs
    Bodyfat - 18% approx


    Bench - 90kg (198lbs)
    Deadlift - 170kg (374lbs)
    Squat - 150kg (330lbs)

    - Cut down to 9.9% or lower bodyfat.
    - Maintain muscle mass.
    - Increase strength through efficent training.
    - Increase cardio fitness to finish a half marathon in 1:30 or under.
    - Enjoy the process and keep a log online!!

    About me:
    I've been training in various disciplines for many years. Martial arts was always my main background until I discovered weights, which led me in to bodybuilding. I made the noob mistakes of too much isolation and too many bicep curls. Then I met an Australian ex champion Powerlifter at the gym who was an instructor. He showed me the ways of the Squat and deadlift and from then on I fell in love with the feeling of power, strength and the way of the bodybuilder.

    But also I was lured in to distance running by work colleagues to raise money for charity. Now I've never been any good at running, so my aim was only to raise money for charity, do the races, enjoy them and JUST FINISH. Though being the competitive fellow I am, I put the work in, and beat them all by getting the best time. It also shifted a good few lbs of bodyfat off me.

    Now is the time to take it further, I want the CUTS the DEFINITION the RIPPED LOOK! And I'm willing to do what it takes to get it ...

    Log starts Monday 30th November. In the meantime check out the attachement photo's of me at my previous and current weight/fat levels. The first one is me at 100kg (220lb) and 24% bodyfat in Jan 09. The 2nd is me at 86kg(190lbs) and 19%, and the last one is the most recent with me at 83kg (183lbs) and 18% fat.

    Enjoy the ride!!

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