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    Quote Originally Posted by t gale View Post
    You did awesome man. raw strength is definetly rising. sorry if I pushed a button, just trying to motivate you a little. great job though buddy.
    Thanks Tim. Don't be sorry it all, it was exactly what I needed. It's rare that something will get to me, nice find! haha. You did great motivating me and do on a regular basis expecially that you're in my weight class now.

    Quote Originally Posted by DGabe24 View Post
    Nice work with the chains man, I think they're gonna be great for your raw strength. Lookin forward to seeing some huge numbers later on, especially with all this raw strength increasing lately.

    Ive had some crazy workouts lately, not a HUGE fan of volume but I talked with my coach and there's a method to the madness. One more week of it, and then I will be doing lower volume, more powerlifting, and more cardio.

    Curious to see how things work out. Whether he has me bench on Monday night or not, maybe I'll come to Philly with you guys just to help change plates and spot. Been too long man, feel so .. outta the loop lol
    Thanks Dave, I think they'll help alot. I'm going to stick with straight weight on the full range motion stuff, then hit the chains on the boards 2&3. From talking to you it seems like you have everything figured out. If you can control that crazy appetiete of yours you'll be ripped up in no time. It would be great to have you come back and bench with us just let me know whenever you want to come.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaccio View Post
    Your bench is definitely headed in the right direction man. You're looking thicker and stronger every week now that you've stop starving yourself. Glad to see Tim push you last night. It was nice to see you get a little fired up. Chains were rough but you looked strong. I think we're all beat to **** today. Nice job!
    Haha I'm on the carbs now brah! Last night was fun switching it up, but I need to get back on track next week. I don't know about everyone else but I'm still sore.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSki View Post
    Tone is right you are getting thicher and stronger ALL around.
    For not knowning what to do on chains you really did great.
    Thanks Mike, didn't do so bad yourself! I see a 600 bench in your future for sure.
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