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Looking quite impressive man.
Thanks Coke. Things are going as planned with the squats at least.

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You're raw squat numbers are crazy man, talk about making progress in leaps and bounds.

Glad to see things are going well for the most part, hopefully that cyst clears up soon and you'll be good to go.

The old-school remedy for Ganglion cysts is called Bible therapy, where you just take a book and smash it haha Glad you went to the doc's for it though.
Thanks Dave, the squat has been on fire lately and everything else seems to be in a rut but that's expected I suppose.

Good news! The cyst popped on it own last night. It was getting progressively worse everyday untill last night and it was like instant relief. I was going over to rocks place tonight or tomorrow and he was going to take the bible to it. Luckly I did not have to go that route. I'm going to keep up with the heavy squatting but keep all pressing movements light untill I get back from vacation on the 7th.