hello me and my wife are pro natural bodybuilder and figure pros, we compete mainly with the WNBF(past) and presently with the IFPA and the NGA. I presently won The overall NPC ELITE in Greensboro NC, which was a National Qualifier. so i will also compete in the NPC as well , maybe the Team U and master nationals. in the next couple days me and my wife will post some workouts as well as nutrition , training and supplements that we take. we also are sponsored by ATLARGE NUTRITION, so we will be giving you all the supplements we take as well. we both are presently in the offseason, but my wife dawn starts her pre contest diet the 1st of Jan.we will feel u in on what shows our worksouts etc, it should be fun and can be a learning experience for some, we r are glad and want to help any way we can.

thanks david and dawn trantham