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Thread: What do you guys think of vertical jump training programs? I just started one

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    What do you guys think of vertical jump training programs? I just started one

    Hey guys. Im looking to increase my vertical (currently 62cm, want to hit at least 80cm in 6 months)

    I was looking on the internet for a system and I found one, its in my signature. the website is, i have been doing it for 2 weeks. the first week i saw a gain of 5cm's but now im plateau'ing... i got 0cm in the 2nd week.

    does anyone with some experience know how long this kindof thing takes? whats the best way of doing it? the book gave me a system involving squats, dl's and plyo's. i picked the one that was suited to my strength level (it has a bunch)

    do i eat for mass or strength?

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    These questions you have should be addressed in your program. If they're not, well... I hope you didn't pay a lot for it.
    A child does not learn to squat from the top down. In other words, he does not suddenly make a conscious decision one day to squat. Actually, he is squatting one day and make the conscious decision to stand. Squatting precedes standing in the developmental sequence. This is the way a child's brain learns to use the body as the child develops movement patterns. Therefore, a child is probably crawling, rocks back into a squatting position with the back completely relaxed and the hips completely flexed, and stands when he has enough hip strength. This approach makes a lot of sense and can be applied to relearning the deep squat movement if it is lost. -Gray Cook
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    You should have saved your money and gotten this one:

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    I would ask travis mash as well. He has some pretty crazy jumping vids.
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    i can attest to kelly baggett being, more or less, a ****ing genius. the VJB upped my vert 7 inches in about 4 months of work (spread out over ~2 years). really, i barely used the damn thing because i was always busy playing sports / i didn't want to stop lifting heavy for extended periods of time, and it still gave me huge results. i can only imagine what might happen if you followed his program to the letter for a year or more.

    i also just bought his No Bulls Speed Development Manual a few weeks ago. the information in there is grade-A stuff and i'm really excited to put it to the test over the next few months.

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