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Thread: Hip injury

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    Hip injury

    I have an acetabular labrum tear. I think I got it by some sudden and powerful twisting movements I was doing. It's basically a minor tear in the cartilage that surrounds the hip socket where the thighbone(femur) connects. An MRI showed the tear. Only certain movements trigger pain, such as when I try and cross my legs and sit on the floor.

    My doc told me not to do heavy squats and not to go past parallel if I do squat. He really didn't want me to squat at all but when he found out that I really wanted to, he backed down a little.

    This is a bummer. I just bought a power rack and have been squatting really heavy to build massive legs.

    I did a little online research on this injury and I've read that this kinda injury may not heal on it's own and if it doesn't, arthroscopic surgery may be needed. While the pain is much better now, it hasn't gone away for more than about 2 months. The doc said to go back if the pain persists after 6 months.

    Has anyone else had this injury or know anything about it?
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