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Thread: To curl or not to curl...

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    To curl or not to curl...

    Why do you do curls? Should they be included?

    Reason to include them:
    I know that new lifters are going to throw them into their routines no matter what anybody says. I try to include them in routines in such a way that is not going to derail the whole routine. Something like a couple of sets of barbell curls will keep most new lifters happy and they will be less likely to switch routines for the latest blitz-and-bomb bicep program.

    Also, I think curls are a very functional lift...really, I do

    Reason to not include them:

    When recovery is at a premium, I think pull-ups and rows give you more bang for the buck. If you are one of those guys that does not recover well from too much stimulus, then adding little isolation exercises can derail your efforts.

    Can you think of any more...
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