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Thread: Doing WBB 1.1, need to compress and save time!

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    Doing WBB 1.1, need to compress and save time!

    Well I've been doing the WBB 1.1 routine for 3 weeks now and I do like it, BUT the 6 sets for 6 work outs at 5-8 reps is just taking a LONG TIME and working two jobs it's hard to stay that long. I started the WBB 1.1 because I lack a lot of proper equipment at my gym so SS was out since I can't do it properly. I was hoping to compress the WBB and make my intervals in the gym less.

    Day 1: Lower Body
    Romanian Deadlifts
    Seated Calf Raise
    Mason Twist

    Day 2: Upper Body
    Dumbbell Bench Press
    Dumbbell Overhead Press
    Curls (Any kind)
    Skull Crushers

    Day 3: Off

    Day 4: Lower body
    Alt. Lunges
    Standing Calf Raises
    Hanging Reverse Crunches

    Day 5: Upper Body
    Pull-up Pyramid
    Push-Ups (Any kind)
    Bent Over Rows

    Day 6 and 7: Off

    So it follows the same Lower Body/Upper body scheme, just cut out some of the workouts.

    All of the lifting would be 3x5 scheme, except for Pull-ups, Push-ups and I figure Alt. Lunges I would probably just do to exhaustion, since I probably wouldn't be able to hold enough weight to do a 3x5 setup for that.

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    if you can squat and dead, how come no ss?

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    The Squats are unfortunately on a Smith Machine, there is no squat rack/power cage, or even a free weight BB bench, which is why I have to use DBs for all of my arm work outs. There is a BB atleast so I can BO row, Romain and regular Deadlift. What sucks more is my BB press is already at 90 lb DBs, and the gym only goes up to 100 so I'll be SoL soon :/.

    Anyone have any feedback for the routine?


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