Arguably the greatest fight of our lifetime, and I fear after it if they either or both retire it may continue the decline of boxing...a sport that I love and that really needs new big blood.


This fight has the potential to be incredible. Ive had the fortune to sit ringside at many of these guys fights, and desperately wish I was going to this one. Talked to a close friend who is a Commissioner regarding tickets and he chuckled that "presale" tickets are in the realm of $10,ooo+ a ticket right now.

Im praying that the fight happens in Vegas, even though I wont be able to make it out there for it. I dont know why, but theres something wrong in my mind with having it at that new Dallas joint. No disrespect to Jerry Jones...its just not the right venue IMO.

Really looking forward to this one though. A true movie-like battle. The true blood, takes care of his own "superhero" PacMan, and the villian you love to hate and hate to love Mayweather (although if you met him you would note that his fighter ego is a show and that he is a solid guy.)

Anyone else excited for this one?