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Thread: WINNERS - Strongest of the weak ones

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    Undead Evil He-Man KarlMarx's Avatar
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    p.s. BIG BIG UPS for At Large for supporting these guys and fueling the desire to train--its really cool to see that kind of grassroots, beginner support!

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    Figured ou guys would be interested to see the winners showing off their prizes

    Above: Bob showing off his check and AtLarge Nutrition supplements

    Above: Athos sporting his winners check

    Above: endymion88 showing off his Nitreans

    AtLarge Nutrition Supplements Get the best supplements and help support Wannabebig!

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    Nice haul for them guys! Gotta love AtLarge for being so supportive. If they doit next year I am gonna chase it hard!
    "The deadlift is more functional in that its very hard to imagine a more useful application of strength than picking heavy *h*t up off the ground" Rip

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    When will the next competition be?

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    Good stuff! Hopefully I can pull off a win at something the next time!
    5'9" 195 lbs
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