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    The latest article

    I gotta say I agree 100% with this

    I was lifting for just over a year and had non-existent lats. I was always doing rows once a week and after about 6 months added pullups (palms facing away) on the same day.

    Then I changed to doing chinups on the first workout of the week, and pullups on the last workout of the week. I was able to do about 3x5 max when I started. After about 2 months I was at about 14 reps per set, and my lats were massive - definately my best feature, and the whole time I was on a cut!

    Now I have added 10kg (22lbs) and was able to do 3x8 and now doing 3x11 in three weeks.

    Chinups/pullups are no doubt one of the best lifts I have found.

    Can't wait to see the progress I make when I am bulking...

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    yeah, chins/pullups are a great exercise choice. add some weight to those chins! the only thing better than 3x11 is bw+45 3x11

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