Hey guys, just wanted to get things rolling with my journal. I am actually finishing up my off season in 3 weeks and will take 2 weeks off before jumping into my contest prep Starting the 2nd week of Janurary.

This past year I just moved up a weight class into the light-heavyweights, which I knew would be a challenge. I competed this past March at the Northern,KY championships and won my class weighing in at the bottom of the class at 183lbs. 2 weeks later I did the Indiana Championships and placed 2nd in the light-heavyweight class, qualifying for Nationals.

So this past off season I have gotten up to my heaviest weight ever of 215lbs and have brought up my weak point which are my hamstrings, which are still not where I want them, but in this sport you have to be patient and consistent, "Rome wasn't built in a day".

My training right now consists of an overshoot method used to create a slingshot effect after I take off 2 weeks and start training again. I'm basically doing 30 sets on all major muscle groups in a body part split training format 5 days in a row with 2 days off.

I only have 3 weeks left then I get much needed break.

This was developed by my mentor Scott Abel, who is by far one of the best and most innovative coaches in the buisness. I have adapted his methodology with my own clients with nothing but outstanding results.