hey everyone... I am 17 years old and since my brother has seen me making gains since i started working out, he wants me to help him start lifting. He is 14 and has severe ADHD and bad motor skills (can barely write legibly). It took him 3 months to muster up enough courage to go to the gym, but he finally did on Sunday.

He doesn't have the strength to do highly assisted dips, deadhangs from the pullup bar, or even lift the bar off his chest on bench. He wasn't able to do some of the machines, but was able to lift a small amount of weight on others. He could do 8 pound curls/db bench, but after a few reps his arms started flailing a little bit. We agreed to do 2 days a week at the gym and 1 day a week at home. At home, i am going to have him do pushups on his knees and against the wall, lunges, squats, and some other exercises.

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about training him? I just got accepted into my #1 college and am going to be going away next year. My brother and I are really close, and it just hit me that even though I do my best to be a good brother (considering the circumstances), I have never gone above and beyond for him the way i wanted to. I feel like helping him lift would not only increase his strength (loves basketball), but also work wonders for his confidence.

Any suggestions/advice are much appreciated. Thanks!