We are very pleased to announce two new sponsors to the AtLarge team - welcome David and Dawn Trantham!

David is a professional bodybuilder who trains and competes drug free. Through hard work and nearly superhuman dedication to diet (especially when prepping for a show) David demonstrates what a drug free individual can accomplish. You can find out more about David through his sponsor page - David Trantham Sponsor Page

Dawn is a professional figure competitor who also competes drug free, displaying a feminine and beautiful blend of muscularity and shape. She exhibits superwoman characteristics not only in the gym, but in her daily life as well. Between her day job, training of herself and others, and two children, she has a plate as full as any woman, yet she does it all with amazing results! You can find out more about Dawn through her sponsor page - Dawn Trantham Sponsor Page

Both David and Dawn are regular members on the Wannabebig Forums and you can read specifics on how they train, diet and supplement through their training Journals

David's Training Journal - David Trantham Pro Natural Bodybuilder Training Journal

Dawn's Training Journal - Dawn Trantham professional figure competitor Training Journal

Expect to hear more about David and Dawn in the near future and also expect us to be bringing many more bodybuilders to the forums!