Hey Guys,

I've been stuck at a bench max of 250-260 for it seems like about a year. I've been lifting regularly the past 2 years and one of my goals is to bench 300. I am not a small guy, 6'2" at 220 BW, and I don't want to weigh more than I do now. I work in cardio whenever I have time to maintain my weight and use the typical post-workout protein shake. As of late I have been deadlifting and installed a pull-up bar in my home gym to build a stronger back. I am looking to increase overall strength and muscle mass, but the 300# bench is what I've been chasing. Without getting too detailed on my routine, do you think it's possible to maintain my BW if not drop some and continue to get stronger? I know it's the classic case of bulk vs cut, but I really want to avoid weight gain, as i feel 220 is heavy enough for me.

Thanks, Ryan