I have only been at the weights about 7 weeks. Im doing a mon-weds-fri split. I am currently 190 pounds from a starting weight of 181 pounds.

My diet has been I guess a bulk,in so much as I have been eating about on average 3000 cals per day,some days good some days not so good food choices. However I have managed to take in 185 - 200 grams protein daily.

I have been taking creatine daily 5 Grams for 6-7 weeks and if im honest I have not been getting anywhere near a gallon of water per day so not sure if the creatine is working.

Also using bodyfortress whey protein for last 3 weeks

Anyhow to cut to the chase I was carrying a lot of fat when I first started and at the moment have still a lot of fat around the gut and under the arms,being 48 don't help I guess ?

I have increased my lifts consistently but still feel fat, I dropped the bulk for a week at one stage because I didnt like the fat...BUT then when I felt light I started the Bulk again...now im feeling fat again despite a good session in the gym today Im wondering if I should have tried to loose the bodyfat when I first started and not gone down the Bulking route..

I would like your opinions on the subject please....would you cut now back to see what muscle I have and then kick on from there with a clean bulk...or just carry on bulking till February..My main concern is that I will be left with a load of fat to shift...

does anyone else have this dilema or just me ?