Hey guys,

So the past month or so, i've had some pain in my shoulder blade area. I've asked a bunch of guys in the gym that know their stuff, and they say my form for benching is really good so thats not the issue. This hurt a little over the summer so i switched to dumbbell benching thinking it might help. It hasn't helped but hasnt hurt. Anyway so the slight shoulder blade thing has been slightly bothering, and i only do chest once a week, so i planned on taking off sometime in the next month (since i am in college and have break) since i havent taken a week off in months. Today i began to get a slightly sharper pain where the shoulder meets the top of my arm on the way down while d-bell benching. So i stopped and went home and ive been icing the area on and off. I feel the pain randomly at random movements of the arm. Does anyone have any good advice at what this may be and what i can do to make it better (ice/time off?) Thanks so much.