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Thread: Fuzzy's US domination tour.

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    Fuzzy's US domination tour.

    Ive been sitting on this idea for a while. And now Im starting to put a few things in place for 2011.

    The plan: drive across the width of the USA. Starting in Boston, NYC, or somewhere in the north-east. Heading south-west from there, then west along the Bible Belt, then north-west up to see Las Vegas then through California. Seems reasonable... right?

    Anyway, Im thinking Ill hire an RV or some kind of camper so I can sleep and live along the way.

    But the question is. Are any of you lovely folks here on WBB willing to meet up with me on the way, and perhaps provide a shower for what Im sure will be the stinkiest few months of my life? I also want to make it a running gimmick to squat 500 pounds in each state I go to and compile a video. Its still in the woods at this point in time, and I may end up going to Europe in 2011 and the US in the year or two after. But for now I would like to see the US.

    The reason I am doing this is because I have an absolute fascination with the USA, its politics, and its people, and I dont want to do some lame ass Contiki tour and take a snap with the statue of liberty. I want to really see it, at a grass roots level. I want to eat ribs, try and understand your damn football, and see its people.

    So would you be willing to give this Austrlian Lebanese terrorist a place to chill for a sec and a good gym to squat in?
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