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Thread: New WBB Training Program - be part of the pilot test!!

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    New WBB Training Program - be part of the pilot test!!

    I am REALLY excited to announce that we have been working hard on a program designed to make you bigger and stronger than you have ever been in the shortest timeframe possible.

    We'll be launching it around May next year and it will be entirely free for everyone to use.

    But.... even more exciting.....

    We are going to be picking no more than 15 Wannabebig members to be part of of a pilot test in January. These lucky members will get support them from start to finish and will make some amazing transformations....

    For more info and how to apply, check here - Are you ready to Grow?

    Game on!
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    Daniel, this is an exceptionally smart move from you guys. I liked the '345 dollar' barb at T-nation, and I have no doubt you will have 15 very solid strong members by the ened of the 4 months. if I wasnt being coached I would totally sign up for it and follow religiously.

    Glad to see you stick it to T-nation with something I have no doubt will work, deliver results, and not demand ridiculous supplements be taken.

    Good luck!
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    Wannabebig Member
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    I would like to get in on this.That time of the year (May)is when i'll be ending sheiko and looking for the next rountine to run.Is there going to be a age limit?

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    Very cool and exciting. I can't wait for's like waiting for that movie to come out that you've been dying to see.

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    I am interested.

    JJ33, it looks like it's starting in January 2010.

    Quote Originally Posted by Newsletter
    The pilot program will begin very early in January 2010!
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    my interest is piqued..

    training is training so as long as I'm hitting the weights I'm happy..

    are there going to be rules/parameters? such as must remain in calorie excess, certain supplement intake, etc?
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    Great opportunity guys.

    I have had the pleasure of using some of the principals from this routine as a guinea pig and I love it.

    Strength is up like WOAH.
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    I'm very intrested and will be applying for sure.
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    Definately applying. I'm expecting good things in 2010 already and this further motivates me.
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    I will throw my hat in to the ring...

    Since I am relatively new in my training career, yet past the stage where any training shows results, I would guess I make a decent candidate.
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    I'm definitely signing up! I always was a hard gainer, so maybe this is the ticket.

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    Who is the terrifying guy used in the picture?

    And yeah, I can't wait!

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    i'm really looking forward to this also.. Since the accident. I'm just about back to the point where i can get back into it and this is exactly what i'm looking for
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    Looks very interesting. I am sure there will be a lot of questions. An initial question is, will this routine be something that can be done with a basic home gym ( barbells, dumbbells, high/low pulley, Rack)?
    Working on getting stronger in body, mind and soul.

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    Sounds like something that might get an old guy back in the game. Been looking for a fully comprehensive program to get me back into shape. Will definatly be applying.

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    Just out of curiosity are guys only going to be picking extremely active members? I check the site everyday, but dont post too often. I think picking only diehards might hurt the credibility of what your doing. Just a thought because I'd like to be picked too. lol
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    I'm sure they'll pick a variety of people (training back grounds, strength levels, etc), assessed via the application process that they'll have.

    I will be applying as well though....come onnn Monday
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    I bet there are going to be a lot of applicants. I REALLY hope I get picked.

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    Sounds like an awesome opportunity to try something new...I wish I wasnt starting my grad program cause I have a feeling thats gonna take a bit of my focus..GL to the chosen few!!!

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    The only place where you can mix Alcohol and Live Ammunition and its called a "Family Outing", Texas
    Where do i sign up? ill be more than willing to follow this routine and see what it entails and what i can gain from it, plus ive always wanted to be a guinea pig for a new training program
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    put me in!!

    im 15 so it could be interesting!
    Height:6ft 2in

    working on it

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    I wouldn't mind trying this out...but I'm guessing there are a lot of people who want to join in on this too

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    Wannabebig New Member
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    I REALLY want to try this! I have always been an easy gainer in the gym, but since retiring out of the military two years ago I have lacked the motivation due to not having a plan that would get me back to the physical shape that I once was. This could be it. I can't wait to enter.

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    Sounds interesting. How long would the program run if we are selected? Jan til ?
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    Cant wait to see the program, and the results.
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    Height: 6'1
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