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Thread: loose nut on dumbells

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    loose nut on dumbells

    I got given a pair of dumbells by a friend but the nut does come loose
    some times even when i try tightening to the max

    Its more annoying rather than dangerous

    I think they are a cheap pair

    has any had experience with this
    and can provide some suggestions

    thanks for your wisdom

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    I used to train at a gym that always had loose dumbbells. Sometimes the threads are stripped or the handles are bent which can cause the nut/bolt holding the weights in place to come loose. Dropping the dumbbells is usually what makes this occur, but in most cases you can at least tighten them enough that they are safe. I have seen an 80 lbs dumbbell fall apart and the plates crashed down all over the individual while he was doing military press - so be careful.

    Question: Are the dumbbells that your friend gave you threaded? Those always come loose but it is not really a big deal.
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    This might help! Works great in the Auto field.
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    Or you can just have a friend weld the damn thing together.
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