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Thread: Training Splits

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    Alberta, Canada
    Sunday - Bench
    Monday - Squat high rep/accessory deads
    Tuesday - Close Grip bench
    Wednesday - Deadlift
    Thursday - Off
    Friday - Bench speed work/Heavy low rep stuff
    Saturday - Squat, Heavy usually in a belt and sometimes gear.
    Best unequipped meet lifts - 120kg Open class
    Sq: 629lbs
    Bp: 330lbs
    Dl: 585lbs
    Training since Dec 2008.

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    wednesday- bench

    Friday-deadlift and shoulder press
    Quote Originally Posted by StormTheBeach View Post
    I think I am just going to start posting dick pictures on here until this thread gets deleted.
    18% BF down from 25%+ since April. Halfway to abs.

    Current 1200+ gym total. 214 lbs 5'10.5" 36.5" waist.

    Working on correcting some imbalances at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muscle_g View Post
    Here's what I've been doing

    Monday- Squats
    Tuesday- Bench
    Wed- Accessory(optional, if I feel beat up I take this day off)
    Thu- Deadlifts
    Fri- Declines
    I have recently switched my split to this, and it feels pretty good so far

    Mon- ME SQ/DL
    Tue- ME Bench
    Thu- DE SQ/DL
    Fri- DE Bench
    Train Hardcore

    Best Lifts(SQ/BP/DL)
    625/450/500 multi-ply
    520/405/500 single-ply
    405/315/475 raw

    Training log

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    Sunday: ME bench
    Tuesday: ME Squat/DL
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: DE bench
    Friday: DE squat/DL
    Impossible is an option, not a fact.
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