Training for the 2010 USAPL PA States most likely.
Typically follow a Westside-style routine to increase GPP and to increase raw lifts immediately following a meet. Then start to increase intensity on lifts that will help the equipped 3 lifts. Then peak with a modified Sheiko CMS/MS routine. I've increased my total from 1460 to 1714 and have PR'd on my total for 5 meets straight using this approach. I'm currently attacking my DL lockout since that is the lift I stand to gain the most on (by correcting a horrible leverage point I have ) in the timeframe I have.

Until mid-January, I follow this outline:
RE Upper - Typically focus on raw strength. Might intermix for a DE Upper wave with speed bench against minis.
ME Low - I start this day with competition style squats for a four week wave (based upon Prilepin's guidelines). I don't like to drop free squats totally for a long given time. I then either go with a DL ME exercise or GM
ME Upp - I typically go with a mid-range exercise (2 brd, floor press, reverse band) and then lockout work.
DE Low - Wide Box Squats for speed, DL accessory

I'm training at Victory Sports Performance for a month while school is on break and I don't have access to the normal gym I train at. The place has a prowler and sleds, which I'll use for GPP work. I typically do upper body sled work twice a week and lower body sled work twice a week on opposing or off days. I also do band recovery work along with this to increase training volume for lagging muscle groups.