Meet wrap up.

Just had a quicksand of a meet. One thing after another. I could place a million things wrong with what happened, but I place the blame on myself and my inability to execute on the platform.
I made weight at 99.9 kg (100 kg class) and felt good. Hadn't cut too much weight, I ate all week, and my rehydration went fine (had a gallon of half gatorade before lifting began). Again, this was a local meet, not lifting against anyone so I decided to just drop my usual conservative attempt selection and go all out.

Squat warmups were very rushed. Raw lifters warmed up too late (I was the last opening attempt) and I literally jumped from 405 raw to 565 with the suit down no wrap for a single. Hit my opener (believe it was 628.5) and felt fine. Took 666 down and smashed it (would have been a 5 lb PR) but got called on depth. I decided to throw 699.5 on for my third. I walked it out and got a good setup. Hit depth, was coming up, then OUT of nowhere, I lost all the feeling in my feet and calves, and fell backward. I didn't lose my hold on the bar and luckily my teammates were spotting so nothing happend. Needless to say, I had the strength to hit that number, but since the order of the flight got screwed up and I was wrapped too early, this incident cost me a nice PR and a good start to the day.

Bench---warmups were ok, lockout was not feeling good. I didn't get to hit any shirt work the week before due to it being spring break, so I knew my lockout was going to be a problem. Hit 462 for my opener, then jumped to 507 for a 2.5 kg PR. Again, just in case I was called for something stupid, I'd have two chances at a PR (instead of my usual 97-98% 2nd attempt). Had no problem touching, but I lost my lockout early. Instead of going for it again, I called off the third attempt and decided to rest.

DL---warmups went well. I pulled 495 withmy loose suit up with the Q-bar (worst DL bar ever). I decided to just put ony my loose suit, since my competition centurion is just ridiculously tight and since I wasn't going for Elite total any more, I just wasn't feeling it. I popped my opener up (a weight I could easily triple) and hitched it right at my trouble part. This was more mental than anything. I retried it again, smashed it. The ref started lowering her arm, but didn't say DOWN right away, so I jumped the call. Again, my mind was just vacant. For my third, I just say F it and jumped to 600, which was my goal although I wasn't with it that day and wearing my loose suit. Popped it up just like my first attempt but hit my trouble area where my leverage goes to ****. Bombed out.

Not that mad about it. I was bound to have a bad meet after hitting a PR total 5 meets in a row. Glad it was this one instead of a more meaningful meet. Training went better than ever, diet was good, just some bad circumstances happened that threw me out of my usual sound self. Again, I put the blame on myself and not those things though. Elite will come, just not right now.

Some things I learned (everyone learns something at a meet even when you've done a ton)
Squat: make sure your handlers realize there is an error in the flight order so you're not waiting around forever wrapped up.
Bench: in my current program, I need to get shirted work done the week before the meet. Also, they took a 15 minute break right after I put my shirt on. I literally had it on for like 30 minutes, so I just about had it after my 2nd attempt.
DL: Wear the suit you intend to wear. Don't get too amped up since you still need to obey that damn down command. Also, I need to do my heaviest pulling of the cycle on the Q-bar instead of a crappy flex bar.

SO now I enter an offseason, might do a Raw meet in August or go right into training for a November/December meet in the area.