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Thread: (hip) Trochanter Bursitis

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    (hip) Trochanter Bursitis

    i have a nagging bursitis on my left greater trochanter, right on my left hip near the joint insertion) and its been bugging the **** outta me for the past year..

    i took a 6 month break from lifting where it progressively got worse and when i got back on with heavy squats and deadlifitng it went away kinda..

    i probably got it doing barbell complexes when i started trying high rep crossfit stuff and where form eventuallly falls apart when you are exhausted from the high reps, this past spring..

    now the pain is on and off does anyone have or had this problem and what have you guys done to work through or heal the pain?

    i use ibuprofen to deal with it about 800g a day is that too bad in the long run ?
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