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Thread: Weight Lifting Stuff for T-Shirt

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    Weight Lifting Stuff for T-Shirt

    Greetings. I coach HS football and we have our annual lift-a-thon coming up at the end of January. I need to find a logo to put on the t-shirt. Does anyone know of any that would be legal and not a breach of any copyrights that I could throw on a shirt?

    I'm looking for an image of a guy deadlifting, squatting, etc.

    Obviously, it would be nice to have a more artistic image rather than a real image, but if you have anything.... Please let me know. I can't find much using google, but I probably messed up somewhere along the line.

    Thanks folks
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    have someone take a pic of u posing doing a squat, deadlift, whatever. run it through photoshop or some picture editing software, theres a lot u can do with effects to make it look artistic or even like someone drew the pic

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