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Thread: Guantanamo guard meets ex-inmates after finding them on facebook.

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    Guantanamo guard meets ex-inmates after finding them on facebook.

    A really interesting story that is both heart-warming and depressing at the same time.

    The guys were falsely detained for two years and have achieved some recognition in the UK since coming back as a documentary about them was shown last year.

    Their back story is that they were in Pakistan/Afghanistan doing sight-seeing, charity work, and dope smoking and while they were in the mountains they basically got rounded up with some other random Arabs and stuck on a plane to Cuba. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    IIRC, they were made to confess to being present at some terrorist meeting after prolonged methods of torture, despite their being hard evidence they were working in an electronics shops in England at the time this was meant to have taken place. Their alibi was simply ignored it seems.

    Their stories are responsible for much of what we now know went on there. I can understand why what happened, happened. There was so much anger at the time that a backlash was inevitable. And to be fair, the guys were also idiots to be in the mountains in 2002. The guards were just doing their jobs and doing what they thought was best to protect their country. I think it's really positive that they met up and seemed fair to each other. It brings some humanity back to it all.

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    What a nice story, for a change. I've forwarded this on to a bunch of people.

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    Wow can you imagine being tortured/detained for 2 years for without ever having done anything wrong. I wish I could say i would be as forgiving as these guys.

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    Everything I've heard from anyone with any credibility has led me to believe that at least 90% of the people in Guantanamo fall under the category of "wrong place wrong time". I guess our government knew it had to detain *some* people during the War on Terror and they must have assumed that most of these 3rd world citizen wouldn't be missed.

    I remember one of the first guys released from Gitmo had to sign some agreement where he would be punished if he released any details of what went on in Guantanamo. I think that speaks volumes in itself.

    I hope these guys write tell-all books because I'd love to hear about what goes on in that place.

    Hmmmm, here's a blurb about one of the guys on Wiki:
    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki for Ruhal Ahmed
    Contrary to the account of his presence in Afghanistan to the press and as depicted in The Road to Guantanamo, Ahmed admitted attending an Islamist training camp, where he handled weapons and learned how to use an AK-47. Rasul refused to take the lie detector tests.
    But a counterpoint:
    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki for Shafiq Rasul
    However, in January 2010, Shafiq Rasul admitted to having handled an AK47 at a Taliban training camp [4]. Shafiq Rasul stated:
    "Being in Afghanistan, we were at that age where… seeing a gun… you’d never seen a gun in the UK… you want to hold it. You want to see what its like. But we were never there to do any training. That’s what, that’s what, we were just there. We held it to see what it was like. That’s how we’ve explained it. But it has been taken out of context, saying that ‘Oh, these guys from the UK, they were at that age, 9/11 had just happened, and they were there for terrorist training’. But, but – that’s not the case. That’s not what happened"
    I can definitely see that. I've shot guns before but that doesn't mean I've been in a "training camp" or anything like that. Even if they had been in a training camp that doesn't necessarily mean that they were planning to do a terrorist attack against the U.S.
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    Yeah, I think that sounds plausible. There are loads of AK-47s in the area after the Russian involvement decades ago, and if they were doing some kind of aid work or travelling there, its likely that somebody would show them one and offer them a go. There is a similar situation in Cambodia, where if you go as a young man its almost guaranteed somebody will offer you a chance to fire an AK-47 at some point. I've had friends do gap year things in Cambodia and they have all fired some weaponry while there.

    Combined with the fact that these guys were naive foreigners enjoying being out of England, and probably a bit cocky, its easy to see that happening.


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