Well the summer is really close and the main body part I want to show of is my arms. That concludes to the fact that I need to add some kind of inches to them...

I suppose the fastest way is the wbb site's arm routine.

My question is as far as my main point is arms and I must do that programme every 4 days should I stop my wbb1 routine and do only this for 1 month? If not how should I compine it with wbb1 routine and do the arms routine every 4 days also without overtraining? I think the first option is the best. Just do the arms routine for one month..

what I was thinking of was something like this:

Monday: Arms routine

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: shoulders (not included in the routine), abs, chest legs and back (just one or 2 exercises of all these just not to lose track of the other body parts-definately not hard work)

Thursday: rest

Friday: Arms routine


What do you think of that? Will it work>?

Thanks in advance