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Thread: why do some people...

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    why do some people...

    say train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?

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    Because they are stuck in the train of thought that you will lose fat that way. I disagree, your in a catabolic state to start with and you want to do an anabolic activity? I'm not sure how long glyogen stores stay a peak levels, but I generally try and get something into my before I trained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tryme View Post
    say train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?
    Im guessing this would only apply for cardio because doing heavy squats without food would not go well in my opinion.

    Im more of the opinion that you need to look at the big picture, so something like this probably doesnt matter much anyways.

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    about all i can do is a small milk and protein shake. I'm at the gym at 5 am, so i'm normally up at 4:30, suck down the shake and haul arse to the gym. I've tried to eat an actual meal before and i feel like pooh the whole workout, bloated and what not.
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    For fat burning effects. The body goes to the easiest fuel source first, sugar (glycogen). The theory is that because the glycogen levels are low( because it's been several hours since the person has eaten) the body will swicth over to burning fat more quickly.

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    its a good tactic for losing fat but definitely wouldnt work for building muscle. the idea goes as such: when you take in carbs, your body uses them as the energy source. if you have leftover unused carbs in your system they will eventually get converted to fat. the idea is that while you sleep, the leftover carbs will have been converted to fat. so with minimal to no carbs in your system when you first wake up, your body needs to feed off its next source of energy: fat, which is your bodies backup energy reserve. so basically, if you do cardio before eating in the morning you are using stored fat as a fuel source. this is a good way to tackle fat directly. it can be dangerous though if overdone, your body can have a hypoglycemic reaction and you can pass out. i tried it before and was tired as hell the whole rest of the day, no matter what i ate afterwards. im more of a fan of traditional fat loss methods

    look into it if your interested in strictly losing fat. however, its a pretty counter productive idea if your trying to gain muscle

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    It's only good in a cut cycle. You WILL NOT GET STRONGER TRAINING BEFORE YOU EAT

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    I train early in the am, but I have a large protein shake first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tryme View Post
    say train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?
    Because they have no idea what they are talking about. Doing Anaerobic activity on an empty stomach is not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination
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    haha that's such an old school tactic. Do people still do that?
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    I could see doing it to burn fat if you were just walking a few miles at a slow pace...but if you did anything fast that got your heartrate up, wouldn't you actually be burning more muscle than fat? I thought I read somewhere that if your body needs energy at a quick pace, it will burn muscle because it doesn't have the time or the capacity to burn enough fat fast enough. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I train at 5:00am. Rarely eat anything b/4 working out.
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