So, long time member (kind of), first time log poster here. I decided to start writing down what I've been doing in the gym thanks to some prompting from Dracoy.

The next week or so will be fairly sporadic due to New Years, but after that, it will be back to the grind. My split will most likely look something like this:

Sunday or Monday = overhead press, shoulders, upper back, triceps
Tuesday = Deadlift, biceps, glutes/hamstrings/lower back, abs
Thursday = Bench, chest, upper back, triceps, biceps
Friday = Squat, quads, ad/abductors, abs
Saturday = Fun day = grip work, traps, forearms, whatever I want

I say "Sunday or Monday" because I'm not sure how much the upper back work will affect my deadlift on Tuesday; I'm also not sure how much fun lifting four days in a row will be, either. However, my focus for this cycle will be my deadlift, so I think I'd like as much rest before deadlift day as possible. Also, notice that every day has something that ought to benefit my deadlift... since my main goal this year is to get to 700lb.

Any comments would be highly welcome!

(First entry should come later today after a trip to the gym)