I come from a background of bodybuilding type training (even competed back in the day). So i built a solid foundation before switching over to powerlifting. HOwever powerlifting training was not like bodybuilding and or general fitness training. You focus on the 3 core lifts Squats, Bench, and Deadlift.

For the first year I focused on several "templates" such as sheiko, Korte and smolov, etc. (basically volume training centered around the core lifts).
These routines leave no time or energy for accessories.
But is this bad?

Well in my humble opinion yes. For me it worked but remember I had years of bodybuilding type training and had built a very solid foundation.

These routines of course have a place, primarily the last 6 weeks before a meet, or even to do a cycle to perfect your form, but to do back to back all the time will lead to issues and ultimately injuries.
Because they leave out accessory work

so what do we mean by accessory work,

here are some examples:

after a heavy squat workout I typically do leg extensions, leg curls, hypers, rope ab crunches, one legged leg presses, and calf raises. These are typically done with a rep range of 10 to 20. The idea is to move blood around and work the muscles from different angles.

in my last discussion I mentioned my hip really bothering me. Well I had missed a heavy squat workout during a two week cycle. That also meant I missed my leg and lower back accessories.
After performing them my hip feels 100% better even after a squat workout.

You can mix things up when doing accessories, incline benches, JM presses, Kettlebell work, one arm rows using the smith machine, good mornings, the list is endless.
The object is not to get stronger on the accessory work, but to build a solid foundation to handle heavier weights on the big three.

I am looking for other feedback on this topic since it is a discussion.
so feel free to add your experiances too.