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Thread: Question about EFS Short Bands

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    Question about EFS Short Bands

    I've ordered a couple sets of the EFS short bands and plan to start training with bands soon. I'll be using dumbells or a barbell to anchor the bands under my bench and I'm wondering if the weight listed in the tension chart is per band or for a set of bands. Does anyone know for certain?

    In the video clip I think they say the weight is per band but that seems unlikely because a set of the heavy bands would add between 470 and 680 pounds to a lift.

    I'm getting sets of mini bands and monster mini bands and I'm wondering how much weight I'll have to use to hold down the straps.

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    It varies greatly between set ups so I'd just try different DB's and see what works.

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    I'm almost certain they mean for the pair of bands so that a pair of short mini bands adds ~70lb at the top of a bench and the heavy bands would add ~350lb at the top of a bench. If you're uisng the heavy bands you'd better anchor your rack to the floor, lol.
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    Short bands

    I had the same question. I reviewed the video which Dave Tate posted on short bands. After review, and after looking at the chart, I concluded that chart reflects resistance for a pair of short bands.

    It would be nice if Elite FTS clarified this.

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    Per pair. Realistically you could not just use one band for most barbell exerecises.

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    The short bands are nuts. The Yellow ones are as thick as a tow strap.
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    I have the short monster minis and they are pretty sweet
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    they are nice to use for deadlifts in a rack so you get tension the whole way through.......... oh and the red and black ones are great for flinging across the gym...... I kinda want to order one just to play with
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