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    Drew's Powerlifting Log

    I thought I'd start a powerlifting log. I'm a novice lifter and have been lifting for roughly 2 years. 1st year I didn't know what I was doing and kind of did a bodybuilder/5x5 routine. It wasn't until last year that I got into powerlifting. I've competed in 2 meets so far and plan to lift in another in April. I've only done push/pull and powersports so far, because I had to start over on my squat form.

    Starting (as of 1/2009) Current

    Weight:169-172 181

    Bench press
    225x5 295x2(t&g) 287 (paused)

    285x5 295x4

    315x5 505

    155x5 225x5

    Push press
    145x5 170x5

    OHP (Dumbells)
    55x5 65x5

    Pullups (Max)
    24 24

    Goals for 2009
    Weight: like to be around 185 by the end of the year
    Squat: start squatting with perfect form check
    Bench: 300
    Deadlift: 480 check

    Goals for 2010
    Squat: 405
    Bench: 315
    Deadlift: 600
    All of these @181 RAW


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