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If the world ends then the world ends. All that matters to me is how big my squat is when it does end.

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The interesting thing is the I Ching and the mayan calender's cycles end on 2012, as in they can't be extrapolated to show the next series of cycles, as one could do for the past 1000 years with the mayan calander and the past 5000 or so years with the I Ching. To me this mean there will, and certainly not abruptly, be a change in thinking, a maturity in society, where hopefully the wars of the past and the complete desolation of certain areas in the world will stop and we will finally start realizing we're all in this together and we will work our way towards a sustainable global utopia (for lack of a better word). Well thats what I hope anyway.
How could a couple of civilizations from several thousand years ago predict a change in human thinking on a specific year? (forgive me if I misinterpreted that). I could believe the end of the world prediction more than that.

And why is everyone worried about 2012? I'm more worried about the zombie apocalypse. I keep weapons and a collection of canned food in my truck at all times.