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The past isn't always the best predictor of the future.
If we want to look at it that way, we base all of our laws of science on what has happened time after time. All of our mathematical equations for all the different situations is based on observations of the past. We can pick away at this all day, but sometimes it's best to just leave some things alone.

Back to the zombie invasion. I was thinking of atleast one Colt .45 1911 (classic must-have), an AA12 (along with some of their exploding rounds), and an AR15 with an M203 attached. And obviously some grenades. If I die them bastards are comin with me.

Or I could try to perfect mind control and then I'd have an entire zombie army under my control. If zombie have minds... oh well. I'm sure I could control their nervous system and muscle functions one way or the other.

Then they'd be my slaves. =