Some background:

I run the weight room at the high school I currently teach at. I'm going into my sixth year coaching, I was "co" coordinator of the weight room for 3 years and this year I got sole possession of it.

We are not allowed to mandate that the athletes show up for the weight room.

We get 3 days a week in the weight room (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

Last season, I got control in the late spring (May or so) and I implemented the four day split WS4SB. It worked pretty well. I think we had very solid results. But we didn't see the increase on the main lifts like we wanted. We only had the weight room 3 days a week, but I did a rotation of A/B/C then the next week it was D/A/B, then it went to C/D/A, etc.

So this season, I switched the program to a 5/3/1. The results are amazing so far, but I'm not liking the way we have to run the weight room. I've even created individual sheets for each kid so that they see exactly how much weight they have to lift every 8 weeks.

I've cut out the Military Press Days, due to the fact that we only get 3 days in the weight room. This leaves us with two lower body days and one upper body day per week.

My concern there is that if a kid misses a day (which, most kids miss at least one a week) and it happens to be the upper body day, they miss the upper body work for that week.

Generally there's two of us in the weight room and over 30 kids. It's hard to keep track of everyone. If I see someone that wasn't there on Thursday for Upper Body day and they are there Saturday, I usually try to juxtapose their deadlift work with their bench work and make it a combo day.

This is putting a ton of work on my plate. And I'd like to make things less complicated. Last year the four day rotation seemed to work, and I want to go back to that.

So, without going into too much detail and boring you with even more fluff, this is the gist of what I'd like to do:

A Day- Squat
5/3/1 Protocol

Assistance Work: Max Effort Day 5x5, 3x5, 3x3 (rotating by week)

B Day- Bench
5/3/1 Protocol

Assistance Work: Max Effort Day 5x5, 3x5, 3x3 (rotating by week)

C Day- Deadlift
5/3/1 Protocol

Assistance Work: Dynamic Effort Day 8x3, 3x10, 5x10 (rotating by week)

D Day- Military Press
5/3/1 Protocol

Assistance Work: Dynamic Effort Day 8x3, 3x10, 5x10 (rotating by week)

I don't think doing the 5/3/1 heavy every day is going to hurt them, especially when they get to the 3x5 week. And I think that the dynamic work will give pretty solid recovery time.

Every fourth week, for the deload we go pretty light in the main lifts and we add complex training for the week. The kids enjoy it and it's gotten them in much better shape.

My question is this: Is this the BEST way to go about things?

I was also thinking I could just stick with 5/3/1 on a 4 day rotation and make all assistance work 5x10 to induce hypertrophy.

I know there are some great strength coaches here, and I'd like your input. I'm pretty much alone here and don't have many people to talk to who know a lick about lifting.

Thanks for the help in advance, folks.

If you have any questions for me to help please feel free to ask.