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Thread: routine help for a machine workout

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    routine help for a machine workout

    Hey guys, I'm new and need some help. I got a weight machine that my dad bought a few years ago and I have just finished my second week lifting. I take Cell-Tech and try not to eat anything sweet. I skip a day in between workouts. Here's what I do. Arm curls, leg curls, squats, vertical bench presses and two other things that I will have to explain what they are. I pull the bar behind my back which works my back, whatever that's called and I lean forward and push the arms of the machine above my head which works my shoulders. Sorry, I don't know what those are called. I start off with 50% of my max weight for all the exercises and do 17 reps of everything. Then I do 15 more with the same weight of everything. Then I add some weight and do 10 reps of everything. I then add more weight and do 5 reps of everything and then do 2 reps of everything with max weight. Then I go back to 50% weight and do 17 reps of everything. It takes me about 30 minutes to do it all. Unfortunately I don't have a bench so I can't bench press although when I get stronger I am going to start lifting with these two guys I know that are monsters. But anyway, is what I am doing now okay? I'm 18 and don't know that much about bodybuilding. I just got tired of being weak and honestly I like lifting most of the time. Hehe. I'm 6' and weigh 215 pounds and I want to get in good physical shape. Is this routine helpful at all? After two weeks it doesn't seem to have helped even slightly. I know it takes a lot of time, but when will I be able to tell even the tiniest difference?
    Why can't I just get some muscle?

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    All exercise is beneficial, however it will depend upon ur goals and what you are trying to achieve.

    What is the weight machine - a universal machine.

    U need to invest in a barbell if you are going to train at home successfull in my opinion, that will be the cornerstone piece of equipment for your entire routine.

    Avoid the machine, it is evil. Seriously though, stick around and you will see what I mean, you need to

    plan your work then work your plan

    make sure you are doing it right or else you will get injured

    and welcome to the board, it all starts in the head so dont give up reading.

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    Get a bench press sorted out, that's what my advice would be.

    And follow what the guys here are saying regarding reps, recovery and diet and you'll do fine.

    Best of luck mate.


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