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Thread: scrambled eggs?

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    scrambled eggs?

    r they good 4 bulking? benefits from eating them? how many? props

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    Yes. Cook them in olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Eat however many you want if you're bulking.

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    One of the best foods period! Eggs are high protein,low carb taste good,the complete package. Pair it up with some steak or porkchops and you have a great start to the day.

    If you are really bulking I would start with 5 every morning.
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    I eat scrambled eggs about 4 or 5 times a week usually

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    I have 6 scrambled eggwhites every morning mixed with grits in a bowl with some cheese every morning. High in protein, energy, and low in fat. (I'm cutting though, you should ea whole eggs)

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    yup they are very good...i usually eat 8 (3 yolked, 5 non yolked) with a protein shake right before goin to sleep
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    I once had Menemen which is a scrambled egg based dish from turkey, I tried it in istanbul and its so good it has chopped onions green peppers, tomato puree and of course the scrambled eggs, really nice and you can have it veggie or bang in some meat, look it up, high recommended.

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