So I figure I'd finally break down and start journaling my workouts so I can do a better job of keeping track of what I do and giving myself some accountability to encourage better program adherence.

Basic Info:

Age: 37
Height: 6'
Weight: ~200

I was your average flabby, sedentary, IT guy up until about April of 2009 when my daughter started referring to me as "Fat Daddy" (I couldnít be offended because she was right) and I realized what a bad example I was setting for my kids.

I weighed about 216 at the time (my max weight was about 225) and was in the worst shape of my life. My wife and I decided to give p90x a try and after I finished the 3 month program I was down to 191 and in much much better cardiovascular condition, but I hadn't really increased my strength much (and to be fair, I did not follow the nutrition plan, so I probably didnt get all the good out of it I could have). So, I decided to start working out at the gym to try to get some mass on.

I piddled around with a ton of different programs for a while and managed to find out that working out when you're in your 20s is quite a bit different than working out in your later 30's. I managed to tweak or injure several body parts including Rotator cuff and my lower back (which has been a constant problem for about 15 years).

Luckily, I stumbled onto this site and started reading about SS and decided to give that a try. I was making some decent gains in my leg-centric lifts, but my OHP and Bench press really didnt progress much even after a couple of deloads. I managed to hurt my back again early in November while squatting (not stretching and warming up enough early in the morning and my back "popped" under load) which reset my squat and deadlifts again.

I finally decided to go ahead and change up my program again to something that is a little slower progress and go with 5/3/1 and start with really low weights for my big lifts while keeping my OHP and Bench about what they were when I left off SS.

What I have as my current lifts are:

Bench: 245 x 1
OHP: 135 x 1
Squat: 185 x 5 (Previous max was 235 x 5 before injury)
Deadlift: 225 x 5 (Previous max was 275 x 3 before injury)

Yeah, I know the numbers look funny, but they are what they are. I donít know if I dont have good bio-mechanics for squats or if Iím just a wuss, but my squats have always been poor even though I have decent quad development (though my posterior chain is pretty sad). I am definately intimidated by doing heavy squats and deadlifts due to my lower back problems, so Iím hoping the slow but steady 5/3/1 approach will let me ease into moving some more weight without compromising my ability to walk upright, to which I've grown rather fond of (I've also ordered a squat belt from Bob's Belts. I've never used a squat belt before and hope that will assist me with some additional support and security).

My diet is pretty loose, but this is a close approximation:

Breakfast: Protein drink w/2 cups skim milk (Add some fruit or cereal on workout days)
Snack: One of the following Cheese stick | almonds | Beef Jerky | Yogurt (depends on the day)
Lunch: Fruit, PB&J, Cheese stick, sometimes Jerky
Snack: One of the following Cheese stick | almonds | Beef Jerky | Yogurt (depends on the day)
Dinner: Dinner is all over the place, but I generally shoot for decent spread of carbs/protein/fat
Snack: Protein drink w/2 cups skim milk (this is generally post workout or 2 hours after dinner)
Just before bed: 2 cups skim milk (yes, I drink a lot of milk)

I try to lightly cycle carbs with more intake on workout days and less on my off days, but nothing too regimented. My diet was pretty bad over the holidays (I called it "love handle development", but I think its more commonly referred to as blubber), but getting back to normal now.

I also take 5g Creatine in my morning protein drink and take the following suppliments daily:
2g Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Fish Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Calcium w/zinc and magnesium
Nitor (2 tabs in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) I am on my first batch of this and donít think I'll be continuing it after

I sleep 5 1/2 hours to 6 hours a night (family man so the only free time I get is after the munchkins are in bed) and workout 3 times a week, usually Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

My goals:
I want to be "noticeably fitĒ. I wonít ever compete in power lifting events, or bodybuilding, I just want to be able to walk into a room and people know that I workout.
I want my wife to swoon when I take off my shirt (then throw it to her and tell her to do the laundry...then run away while she chases me with a stick)
I want soccer moms to envy my wife for not having a fat blob of a husband like they do.
I want other soccer dads to secretly hate me for making them look bad
I want to put the fear of god into any boys who come into my house with the intention of dating my daughter when she gets to the appropriate age (which, if I have my way, will be when she's 50)
I want to be a good role model for physical fitness for my children and their friends
I want to continually challenge myself with new strength and physical development goals from now into perpetuity

I'm currently almost through my first cycle of 5/3/1, here is my last workout.

5 @ 175
3 @ 195
1 (10 reps) @ 205 (misread my sheet and only did 205 instead of 215, whoops)

Accessory work
SLDL 5x10@135
Weighted Chins 5@25, 5@35, 3@45, 3@35, 5@25, 8@BW
DB Rows 3x8@60, then 1 set with 60 doing, 8,6,4,2,3 reps alternating sides between rep ranges but never stopping except to switch arms
3x8@180 Smith Machine Shrug machine
15 minutes walking at 3.8 MPH increasing elevation periodically

I think that about covers it. I will probably add some current pictures when I get around to taking some as well. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and feel free to chime in with whatever you'd like to add. Iím open to suggestions and criticism.