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Thread: Bodybuilding/Strength Hybrid Routine

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    Bodybuilding/Strength Hybrid Routine

    In the process of trying to create a routine for a mix of size and strength training. I was thinking something a long the lines of this:

    Monday (chest/tris):
    Flat Bench - 1x5 1x5 1x5
    Peck Fly Machine - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Incline DB Press - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Skull Crushers - 1x8 1x8 1x8
    Dips -1x10 1x10 1x10
    Rope Pushdown - 1x10 1x10 1x10

    Tuesday (Back):
    Chin-up - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Deadlift - 1x5 1x5 1x5
    Lat Pulldown - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Barbell Row - 1x5 1x5 1x5
    Seated Cable Row - 1x10 1x10 1x10

    Wednesday (off)

    Thursday (Legs):
    Squat - 1x5 1x5 1x5
    Calf Raises - 1x20 1x20
    Leg Press - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Leg Curls - 1x10 1x10 1x10

    Friday (Shoulders/Bi's)
    OH Press - 1x5 1x5 1x5
    Lat Raise - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Rear Lat Raise - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Barbell Curl - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Preacher Curl - 1x10 1x10 1x10
    Hammer Curl - 1x10 1x10 1x10

    I'm still debating on whether I want to set up the lifts that are 1x5 sorta like Starting Strength i.e. doing a proper warm-up (given) and lifting the same weight for 3x5, then increasing weight 5-10 pounds a week depending on the lift. I enjoyed doing linear progression. Open for thoughts and comments!

    Background info: Was on starting strength for about 4-5 months, before that I was doing Bill Starr's 5x5. Current Maxes: Bench: 225 Squat: 275 DL: 325. I gained a bunch of weight on SS, but I'm looking for a change of pace and thought I would give a hybrid routine a try...
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