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Thread: New Article: Complexes for Fat Loss (and win AtLarge Nutrition Fat Burners)

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    New Article: Complexes for Fat Loss (and win AtLarge Nutrition Fat Burners)

    Complexes for Fat Loss by Riley Bestwick

    Let's cut the BS and get down to business: traditional cardio just doesn't work that well if your main goal is to lose fat.

    If you're sick of doing traditional "cardio" but still need to get ripped, we've got three complex workouts that'll strip the fat off before you can say, "Screw the treadmill!"

    Wave goodbye to the soccer moms and skinny-fat guys riding on one of those stupid-looking elliptical machines and get one hell of a workout that actually strips the fat off!

    Win AtLarge Nutrition Fat Burners Nitor & Thermocin - We'd love to see some videos of Wannabebig members performing the complexes either in this article or your own complexes.

    For those that submit videos, we'll pick a few random winners and hook you up with some Thermocin or Nitor to help you with your fat loss!
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