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Personally, I do a combination of steady state cardio, intervals, and basic maintenance weight training for fat loss and have had great success (I've lost 26 lbs. in the past 2.5 months) and I'm also in much better shape because of the running.

I know that this site really hates anyone that dissents, but does anyone have personal fat loss stories from using complexes? Are there studies available that compare complexes, cardio, and a combination for fat loss? This is a pretty old thread. Surely someone must have had some really good success with this stuff.

I'm sure that the complexes are good, but I guess I'm not prepared to go along with the "cardio is dead" message in the article. It seems unnecessary.

I'm also curious about how real EPOC in fact is. It has been all the rage for the past few years, but several articles I've read say that it is really more myth than reality. Here is just one I found from a quick search:

I agree, I think these complexes work really well to burn calories, but in order to stay in cardiovascular shape, I still think running is a great for of cardio. Something else I add into my cardio portion is instead of just running, I'll go get on a treadmill and walk at 3.5-4.0mph and 15 incline and burn more calories than if I was to just run on a 0-1.0 incline which I'll do no less than 8.0 mph. Its feels more along the lines of a strength training exercise but it gets my heartrate over 180 and it works well to condition the legs.

The only issue I'm looking at is that considering my routine which I listed above, I'm not sure when I could add these complexes in and not hurt my weightlifting session...