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How comes you don't seem to be doing much cardio in your prep? 99.9% of bodybuilders all seem to do the early morning cardio thing just wondering why your not.
Is it because you started fairly lean?

Hows is your diet set up now that you've come down to 2200 cals.

I'm interested in your methods as i'm seeing some different ideas in your prep.

most do tons of cardio and eat a low carb diet. Not only do you not have vegtables in your diet i don't see no fat apart from fish oil which is still minimal
I am doing cardio just not your traditional steady state. My circuits and complexes at the end of my workouts are my cardio. Most people tend to do hours of cardio out of traditionalism. They think you have to do it to get shredded just like going on a low carb diet. It has its place depending on what your program is like but it should never be done for more than 45 min, 5 days a week MAX!! Early morning cardio is highly overrated in my opinion.

It comes down to proper programming and proper diet. If you are in a calorie deficit you will lean out carbs don't make you fat too many calories do. In the industry competitors go to extremes whether it with diet or cardio or both most of the time. They think you have to kill yourself to be hardcore and a bodybuilder when in fact going to extremes such as 2 hours of cardio a day 5 days a week and eating nothing but veggies and protein will cause metabolic burnout or even worse metabolic damage due to being in an absolute calorie deficit as opposed to a relative deficit. Then after the contest is over they completely binge for the next few weeks because the diet was so extreme and they rebound 20-40 lbs. Now do you think that is healthy and what this sport should be about? Of course not but most do. This is where a "good coach" is needed.

Now the other problem is just because someone has won a contest or is huge and shredded people will listen to them because they think he or she knows what they are talking about just because they look the part. With the internet there are soo many so called experts who really have no clue how to properly design a program or diet someone down safely and effectively and I see it at every contest. Of course you will have low energy levels and decreased strength, but there is a difference between starving the fat off and burning it off. There are many other things that are wrong with the industry and I'm just trying to help others not fall into that trap.

My diet is the same nutrient breakdown as before just less calories, its a carb based diet so my fat is low. Here is my typical day of eating:

1) 2 cups egg whites & 2 shredded wheat biscuits mixed together and topped with Zero cal syrup by walden farms

2) 165g Chicken, 200g potato

3) 2 cans tuna, 4 white cheddar rice cakes

4) 165g Chicken or Ostrich, 200g potato

5) 165g Chicken, 150g potato or 4 rice cakes

6) 2 cups egg whites