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Thread: Training at 48 years old.

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    Training at 48 years old.

    I feel like a 25 year old except after I train. I have been lifting for about 1 month now, I used to lift when I was younger. I am a little fat and I have an enourmous belly. I have muscles they are just under the fat. Should I stop protein shakes and work on cardio first? I was taking creatine, protein shakes, Glutemine, Acai extract, peri colace( I have chronic back pain and my pain meds constipate me). I do know that my digestive health is very important and I have worked on that by eating right and getting fiber and plenty of water. The bloated belly persists. But my arms are looking great. I do upper body one day then lower body the next day mixed with cardio, aerobic type excercises. I rest one day. I have started lifting heavy in order to break the muscles down and i may have to rest more in between. One more factor is that i have recently been prescribed testosterone shots every two weeks. 200mg intramusculary. cool huh! I used to use deca durabolin when i was training for contest while younger. The things we do. So i guess I just need to know if I should lose fat first and uncover my muscle or try to build mass first and lose weight. I just read complexes. I think I know what to do now.
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