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Thread: Protein in-take inquiry.

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    Protein in-take inquiry.

    Hello everyone. After extensive reading of FAQs I couldn't find anywhere that could answer a question that I have in mind. I am 5'7'' and 120 pounds. Due to an early childhood disease I had a kidney surgically removed leaving me with one kidney. To be more specific, I had Wilm's Tumor a type of kidney cancer. Throughout the years my kidney has mutated twice the size of a normal kidney.

    As I'm told, I am now aware that protein or an increase in protein in your diet can put a strain on the kidneys. I want to build muscle and get more serious about weightlifting. Would anyone here be able to ball park about how many grams of protein my kidney would be able to process without straining it too much?

    I know I should see a Nephrologist about this kind of thing, but I was curious as to see what the members of Wanna Be Big would have to say about it first. Thoughts and comments are welcome.

    Thank you in advance.
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