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Thread: Foot injuries, what is the best alternate cardio program?

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    Foot injuries - what is the best alternate cardio program?

    Anything out there that will not put too much strain on my feet? They are sensitive indeed. The plant of my foot hurt, my ankles hurt, my heels hurt, my shin.... it's a mess down there :'(

    In need on some advise on how to design a cardio program that will be cut and in shape, without causing too much damage on my weak feet.

    I can cycle just fine, in fact, I have strong lower body other than my feet (because of soccer injuries).

    swimming is not really an option, I need something I can do at home on the cheap

    any advise would be much appreciated !
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    See how the rowing machine treats you.
    Those things'll whoop your azz if you put your mind to it.
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    Give kettlebells and barbell complexes a try. There is plenty of variations of those two with pretty much zero impact on the feet. Should keep you busy and winded for quite some time.
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