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Thread: Lost weight lost body mass too normal or not

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    Lost weight lost body mass too normal or not

    Here is my scenario I used to weight around 200 to 205 lbs but when I moved to Brasil I jumped up to 220 to 225. I kinda let myself go but recetly I tried to lose some weight and I got down to 210 to 215 it took a few months. My concern since I lost that weight I fell skinner and kinda look skinner, but my question is if its normal to lose some body mass if you lose weight?

    What should be my ideal goal weight?? Im 6'3!

    I also forgot to mention its been over 6 months that I dont work out. I just walk around the city a lot! I wanted to get back to the gym what work out should i start doing?

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    If you loose weight, you'll lose muscle too. It's hard to hold onto the muscle especially if you aren't working out. To do it properly, you'll have to loose weight slowly and workout very hard to try to maintain the muscle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferjonathan View Post
    I wanted to get back to the gym what work out should i start doing?
    What are your lifts and/or lifting history?

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    i really like the 5-3-1 routine, my strength has gone up like crazy since starting (still not hulk like, but fairly strong).

    Being that youve been out for about 6 months, id start back doing the usual 3 sets of 8-10 of the big 4 (bench, squat, dead and military), combined with the usual supplementary/accessory workouts.

    After a couple months, maybe 3, you should be able to get into the 5-3-1 without being TOO sore or getting injured etc.

    If you are still trying to lean out while gaining strength, i pair my 5-3-1 with the "boring but big" accessory workout, basically do your 5-3-1 work sets, then do 5 sets of 10 with lighter weight and less rest, its a great way to get your cardio in and not have to worry about looking like a cross country runner.

    at 6'3 id say ideal weight could be anywhere from 200 all the way up to 250 depending on how youre built. Im 6'8 and my weight has ranged from 190 to 350 so ive been at both extremes. 190 is WAYYYYYYYY too skinny for me, and 350 im a tub of crap. right now im about 310 and looking ok, but ideal for me i think is about 280 if i keep making strength/muscle gains like i have been over the past few months. ive got a good 20lbs of fat i could trim off but right now im more concerned with gaining strength without gaining weight, which is resulting in me leaning out a bit at a time.
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    Lets just say i dont have a lifting history. I used to lift on those machines but people say free weights are better and gives you a better result. Im really bad when it comes to exercise I dont really know what to do you know. Back in high school we used to work upper body one day and then lower body the next day but at my gym the guy makes me work upper and lower at the same day! is it right??

    Can you guys make me a training schedule based for a newbie??

    Free weights X machines = What you guys think??

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    ohh and my goal is I want to stay at 210 215 but with some good muscle defenation and less fat.

    Can I post pictures here?

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