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Thread: forearms exhausted after back/bicep workout

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    forearms exhausted after back/bicep workout

    For my first workout in 15 years, I decided to start midweek on my back and biceps: I'm trying to lose about 10 more lbs before I focus on gaining mass, so I thought I was going easy on myself.

    4 sets, 10 reps each:
    - seated rows
    - machine assisted chinups
    - shoulder shrugs
    - dumbell curls

    So now to my surprise, my forearm Brachioradialis' are so sore and tight, I can't even bend my arms all the way back after 2 days. (I can bend again after hot shower, though, but by morning...)

    I never felt a peep from my traps/lats, my biceps are a little tender still, but my forearm is nuts.

    So what gives?
    Was my grip to tight while doing back exercises? or could all this just be from dumbell curls?

    My forearms ache when I repeat pullup or row movements and obviously bicep work. The weird thing is, I can unscrew a stuck jar and use a screwdriver just fine, but reaching out to do something, like open a door, is what gets my forearm.

    so what should I try for next time?

    If I need to stretch it prior to working out, I can only hope for the procedures effectiveness; having followed some forearm stretching routines I found on the internet, they feel like nothing compared to other stretching exercises.

    If my back exercises are responsible for my exhausted forearms (which is what it seems like), should I avoid other upper body workouts until my forearms are stronger? So, hammer curls or a e-Flex Forearm Bar for a month or so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravinoff View Post
    so what should I try for next time?
    Add more weight and go for it!

    Off Road Journal

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    I fry my forearms all the time! Just keep lifting heavy and hard and the pain will go away. They will still be stiff after days where you pull alot,rows,cleans,deads and chins but they wont hurt anymore after a while. They will get "work hardened".
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    Be sure you are using the target muscles. You may have been using too much weight or improper form and thus overworked the forearms.

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    Its normal for your forearms to be stiff/sore after bicep/back day, Mine usually are the day after deadlifting. Just make sure you stretch your muscles before working out and you'll be fine. No pain no gain my friend.

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