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Thread: lost my way

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    lost my way

    Well short story i was doing great went from 300 pds to 205 was excersising regularly but afew things have happend. One i was plying basketball and snapped the ligament in my ankle, was jacked for awhile. 2 got a new job that keeps me very busy and usually working 6 days a week, 3rd i had kid number 2 and he's a hand full :P

    But anyway i now weigh 221 pounds in the morning when i use to weigh 205 i dont eat fast food but i dont work out much i might take the bicycle out once a week with a trailer behind and the kids in there.

    This site looks diffrent now is there any good diet programs?

    btw i have gained 16pds in 1yr that aint horrible right? im just worried it will snowball worse.
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    That's hardly falling off the wagon bro. We all have our ups and downs. We have them from workout to workout and we have them from year to year. Overall you're still down nearly 80lbs which is huge. You're in fine shape to keep it going. I'd do whatever you did before unless specific circumstances (like you having a kid) prohibit you from getting into that lifestyle again.
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